For the last three months, we asked our fans for feedback on almost every facet of their baseball team, including the name and what it should be. After receiving over 1,500 submissions, there were two popular themes that made up the majority of the feedback.

Abraham Lincoln is a very special figure to the city of Springfield, evident by the feedback from our fans. While there were numerous ways to honor Lincoln’s life and achievements, the word lucky has often been associated with symbols of the 16th president of the United States. Whether it’s finding a heads-up penny while walking down the street or rubbing the nose of his statue, both locals and tourists alike have adopted the lucky Lincoln superstition.

Another popular theme paid tribute to Springfield’s culinary claim to fame: the Horseshoe Sandwich (We’ll discuss this summer if it is actually a sandwich or not).  Nearly 100 years after its creation, you can still find this signature dish all around the capital city. Popular for its base ingredients of bread, meat, fries, and cheese, it’s no surprise that “Horseshoes” was the most requested name over the three-month campaign.

Combining Springfield’s colorful past with a modern-day favorite, the name “Springfield Lucky Horseshoes” was born.

“The fans spoke, and we listened. We’re excited to unveil this new era of baseball in Springfield, one that we hope will resonate with each and every fan that walks through the gates of Robin Roberts Stadium. This is just the beginning of our exciting plans, and we are looking forward to Opening Day on June 4th!” said Lucky Horseshoes Chief Storyteller, Jamie Toole.

“We couldn’t be more grateful that our community has picked a name that represents the heart and soul of Springfield. It also represents our vision of being unique, both on and off the field. We are proud to be the Lucky Horseshoes!” said Lucky Horseshoes co-owner Tim Hoker.

“We were delighted to see that Springfield fans took our call-to-action to heart, and chose a name that represents this wonderful city,” added WWE Hall of Famer and Lucky Horseshoes Co-Owner Jeff Jarrett. “With the launch of this new brand, we can turn our focus to making Robin Roberts Stadium the premier entertainment destination in Central Illinois.”

The Horseshoe has been brought to life with the development of our primary logo: a horseshoe character wielding a french-fry bat. The secondary logo, a simple block “S” is a nod to the classic imagery of the history of both baseball and the Capital City. Lastly, the Capitol Horseshoe is a horseshoe constructed to resemble the Capitol building of the state of Illinois.