The ‘Shoes have announced the founding of the Springfield Lucky Horseshoes Booster Club to directly impact each player and coach on the team’s roster.

The goal of the Springfield Lucky Horseshoes Booster Club is to provide resources to the players and the coaches of the ‘Shoes throughout their time in Springfield which will enhance their experience both on and off the field. The Booster Club will consist of volunteering and fundraising events throughout the year with every dollar raised going towards the team.

Scheduled events include an annual Stock the Clubhouse Drive to provide snacks, supplies, and other clubhouse necessities for the team for the Prospect League Season, and a pre-season cookout where members of the Booster Club will meet with the team and provide insight on what services the club can provide throughout the season. In addition, the Booster Club will provide extensive information regarding Springfield’s businesses, restaurants, and religious sanctuaries to help out-of-area kids transition to life in the Capital City for the summer, and for local talent to learn more about their hometown. 

A membership to the Booster Club includes perks such as a Booster Club tumbler, a ‘Shoes Booster Club car decal, four tickets to any 2023 ‘Shoes home game, and access to exclusive Booster Club events. Each membership will be valid for one full year from the date of purchase. 

Booster Club memberships are available now at