Earlier on Tuesday, the Prospect League announced a league-wide, three-year exclusive agreement with Sports Analytics Technology company Rapsodo. 

Beginning this upcoming season, each stadium in the Prospect League, including the Lucky Horseshoes’ Robin Roberts Stadium, will be retrofitted with Rapsodo Stadium™, a new in-game analytics system. This new technology will be the exclusive in-game data provider for the entire league and will provide live data that players, coaches, and scouts will be able to analyze and use to further the players’ development. 

From Rapsodo, “The new Rapsodo Stadium™ works by placing two dual-stereo camera systems across the field to track 100 percent of the ball flight. This completely optical approach is similar to those used in MLB stadiums and produces the same professional grade data, but is made to be accessible to more levels of play. Rapsodo Stadium™ will provide the same industry leading hitting and pitching data Rapsodo’s practice tools are known for, while providing an in-game measurement tool for a one-to-one comparison of data. The device will capture the full 3D rotation of the ball, as well as provide revolutionary seam orientation for the first time. Beyond data measurement, Rapsodo’s Stadium application functions as a digital bookkeeping tool.

“We’re really looking forward to utilizing Rapsodo Stadium™ and being able to collect and analyze all the in-depth data it provides. This new technology will vastly improve our ability to give feedback to our players, which will help them with their development throughout the summer season and onward,” said ‘Shoes Manager Zach George.

Based out of St. Louis, Missouri, Rapsodo is trusted by numerous teams and organizations throughout the country, including all 30 Major League Baseball Teams. Founded in 2010, Rapsodo was recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies by Prestigious Inc. in both 2021 and 2022.

In the Prospect League’s Press Release, commissioner David Brauer spoke about the numerous benefits and how this agreement is another step forward for the league.

“The Prospect League is excited about this game-changing partnership with Rapsodo Stadium™,” Prospect League Commissioner David Brauer said. “Our student-athletes will reap tremendous benefits from the best in baseball analytics technology. The abundant in-game data furthers our players’ individual development, provides detailed feedback to college coaches and enhances visibility for professional scouts. This impactful collaboration puts the Prospect League at the forefront of the collegiate baseball summer leagues.”

The Springfield Lucky Horseshoes begin its 2023 campaign at home on May 31st. Ticket packages are available now at Tickets.ShoesBaseball.Com.