The most entertaining baseball experience is coming to Robin Roberts Stadium on Sunday, August 13th! 

Join us for Cheese Ball, a brand new way to experience the game of baseball. With alternative rules that get the fans involved in the action, this seven inning game pins the Springfield Lucky Horseshoes against a brand new challenger, the Cheddar Monstahs.

Although the game doesn’t start until 6:30 PM, the party starts much earlier which is why gates will open beginning at 4:30 PM! With singing, dancing, special appearances, and surprises galore, it is strongly encouraged fans arrive as early as possible! 

Cheese Ball is the first, signature event to benefit the newly formed Friends of Robin Roberts Stadium foundation, dedicated to the revitalization and sustainability of Robin Roberts Stadium. All revenue raised by Friends of Robin Roberts Stadium will go towards upgrades and maintenance projects at Springfield’s North End stadium.

The ‘Shoes join the Savannah Bananas as American baseball teams to develop new rules in an effort to create a more fun and fan engaging experience at the ballpark. 

“This is going to be the most fun you’ll ever have at the ballpark,” remarked ‘Shoes Chief Storyteller Jamie Toole. “With such a rich history of the sport in Springfield, we’re excited to bring a ‘Shoes spin on America’s pastime and play what will be the single most entertaining sporting event the community has ever witnessed. Trust us, you’re not going to want to miss this!

Teams will be composed of Lucky Horseshoes players and coaches, former professional baseball players from the St. Louis Cardinals and beyond, and members from the community that are selected from a public tryout that will be held on Saturday, July 22nd from 10 am to 1 PM at Robin Roberts Stadium. 

The seven rules of Cheese Ball are what make it a one-of a kind experience that fans will not be able to experience anywhere else!

Rule 1: Cheese Ball is scheduled for seven innings

Rule 2: No time limit or pitch clocks

Rule 3: Bunting is REQUIRED. A player on the offensive team must bunt at least once each half inning, or the final batter of the inning will be ejected from the game.

Rule 4: No walks allowed. In the event a pitcher throws four balls to a batter, a tee will be placed on home plate and the batter will have one free swing. The pitcher on the opposing team may be repositioned to somewhere else on the field. 

Rule 5: If a fan catches a foul ball on the fly, they will have the choice of calling the batter out, or awarding the batter a home run.

Rule 6: The defensive team is allowed to field up to 10 fielders at once, including a pitcher and catcher. Teams may field two pitchers and/or catchers at one time.

Rule 7: Power Plays are coming to baseball. For each error committed, the player that commits the error must be removed from the field for the next batter, and may not be replaced. If the pitcher or catcher commits the error, a player from the field may be moved to that position, however no one may replace the player who has changed positions.

Alongside these seven game-length rules, each inning will feature a wide variety of unique activities including a lucky fan serving as umpire for an inning, a special topless inning, a free beer batter, and so much more. 

Tickets for Cheese Ball are on sale now at Tickets.ShoesBaseball.Com with special early-bird pricing available through July 31st. 

Fans can also sign-up for the Cheese Ball tryout with an opportunity to play in the game itself. The ‘Shoes are looking for athletic-ish players who have a fun personality and aren’t shy about performing in front of thousands of fans! Sign-ups are open now also at Tickets.ShoesBaseball.Com.

Stay tuned to the Springfield Lucky Horseshoes website,, and social media platforms, @ShoesBaseball on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Threads for more information leading up to Cheese Ball on Sunday, August 13th!